Are you a passionate traveller, foodie, or you know more about local grub than most people?  Do you like writing and getting feedback from a ton of my mates who are real foodies and love to criticise everything? (jokes)

Well, you’re in luck, fatmantravels is now open to guest post contributions. There’s a contact form at the bottom of this page, but because this is my personal blog I’d really appriciate it if you read everything below before getting in touch.

I’ve had some contributions from full-time journo’s for mags and newspapers, so we’ve got higher standards than many crappy travel and food sites.

•  Importantly we don’t run any article that is less 500words.

•   As you can see from the site photographs are very important to us,  so if you can supply some that’s great.

•   Ideally they also need to be written in the first person, and have a touch of humour about them/not be over serious. Crack a joke or two perhaps.

Sound good so far?  My email is


Examples of Guest Post Topics you Could Write About:

  1. Airline Reviews
  2. Hotel Reviews
  3. Beach Guides
  4. City Break Guides
  5. Nightlife, Food & Drink Guides
  6. Photography
  7. Holiday Insurance & Safety
  8. Tourism
  9. Saving & Budgeting
  10. Family Holiday Guides

Photo’s are important to us, and should be sent 640px wide and screen/email resolution, or we should have permission to use photo’s from the site you are linking to/promoting.

But really, it’s the quality of the writing, and the subject matter that’s important. Perhaps a few touches of humour. Keep it light-hearted anyway. And no sales pitches. Don’t make it like something you’d read in a travel brochure that’s trying to get you to book a certain package deal.

Ok, I’ve read all the criteria, so what’s the next step?

Just fill out the form below. Tell us what you’d like to write about, or list several ideas for blog posts you would be interested in contributing. If we like your ideas,we’ll respond quickly and let you know.

It would also be great if you can send us a short sample of your writing, or maybe send us links to some of your work on another website.

Here’s my email again:

And here’s the contact form!