Why a Staycation Trumps a Vacation

I’m very lucky to be able to travel the world and love all the places I’ve visited. But sometimes, for many people, this lifestyle just isn’t feasible. That’s why sometimes, a staycation in the UK can be just as good!

Over the last few years, the unstable economic situation along with continually rising inflation has led to many people choosing to enjoy a staycation over a vacation. A staycation is when, instead of jetting off internationally or travelling to another area domestically, you choose to stay in your local area. Of course, this doesn’t mean just lazing around your house for a couple of weeks! Some people choose to take day trips to attractions in their city, take the time to explore their local area fully, or spend more time with their families. There are many reasons why a staycation can trump a vacation, including the following:

1. Easy to Plan

Think of all the stress involved in planning a vacation abroad or even domestically. You have to find plane tickets, organise accommodation, spend time packing, and all the other little stresses that come with a vacation. However, a staycation involves little to no planning. You already have your accommodation sorted, there’s no need to organise travel, and there is no packing needed. You can simply relax and enjoy the full length of your break. If you intend to spend your staycation with family or friends, all you need to do is upgrade your internet plan to get fast and reliable internet access by getting in touch with the ISPs like at&t satellite internet. The reason behind it is, most people use the internet at home to watch movies or play electronic games, which can eventually push it to become slow. So you might want to plan ahead of time, if you need to change your internet plans for that particular period.

2. No Travel Costs

Another huge benefit of a staycation is that it eliminates a huge amount of expense. Travelling to and staying at a vacation destination is not only time-consuming, but also expensive. You won’t have to worry about paying for flights or overpriced accommodation or losing a day or two to travelling and settling into your new surroundings. Simply walk through the door of your home and you are already on holiday!

3. Catch Up On Activities

If you are a procrastinator then this is the perfect time to catch up on all those activities you’ve been putting off because you haven’t had the time. That book you started but never finished? Now’s the perfect time to pick it up again. Always telling people that you’re going to paint the living room a new colour? Now’s the time to pick up the paint brush. Want to spend more time with your dog? Now you have an opportunity to do so (more on that later!).

4. Stay in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a staycation is that you will stay in the comfort of your own home. There is no place in the world more relaxing than the surroundings you have made familiar and comfortable. You won’t have to deal with sleeping in a strange bed, listening to constant noise outside, or trying to figure out where a nice restaurant is in the local area. Sometimes there’s no better place than your own home when you want to truly unwind and relax. This is especially nice in the cases of arriving at a hotel to find the cleaning standards aren’t up to scratch. Being in your own home, the standards of cleanliness are up to you. We all hear horror stories of companies that offer pest control stockton way (for example) being called out to deal with infestation issues at rented accommodation such as hostels. This is something out of your control, so by staying at home, you aren’t at risk of this happening. In your own home you are in control of how clean you keep your living space, so you won’t be needing to call pest control to come and deal with any household infestations.

5. Your Dog Will Thank You

Going on vacation to a foreign country makes it extremely difficult to take your dog and the majority of people who go away for vacation will leave their dog with a family member, friend, or in a kennel. However, a staycation means your dog’s life won’t be uprooted for a couple of weeks and your best friend will continue their routine as usual. This is important for the health and wellbeing of your dog, who may become upset or stressed if they are left somewhere else for a couple of weeks. It also gives you the opportunity to take your dog for long and exciting walks and provide them with constant love and attention. For more information about how to prep your pup for a staycation visit http://www.iknow-uk.com/article/dog-friendly-holidays-uk