French Cuisine

I’m just sitting here on my balcony overlooking the park, planning my next overseas trip. These days, I can do the whole thing from apps I have downloaded onto my iPad. I remember when the iPad first came out, it was the killer release for Apple and certainly put it head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. These days, though, it doesn’t take long for the competition to catch a hold of your tail and starting climbing onto your back. The apps game has meant a new life for the iOS developer too.

5017_Main-Level-Balcony-Sitting-AreaSpeaking of competition, well that’s the reason I am going on a gastronomic trip through the south of France. Lucky me, yes! The editors and I thought that with the arrival of warmer weather, it would be a good idea to take a tour through some of the lesser known areas of France. Keep away from Paris, Marseilles and Nice, for instance, and even ride a scooter from village to village. Tourists flock to these little towns and there doesn’t seem to be any idea of what they cook and serve in those places. Even I’m completely baffled.

I have been working on an app of my own and this will be an excellent opportunity to check with a developer to see what I need to do. I can find out here some of the basics and get a plan ready to work on. I want to be able to include all the info I will be gathering on this trip so as it’s included on my little app. Kind of exciting.

As I understand it, you can set up your own app store and madly go about learning all the ins and outs of coding and how it all works. If that’s the sort of thing that interests you, then you can get more info here. I’m not sure that I have the patience. There are times when I get a little impatient with food service from arrogant waiters let alone fiddle around with an app development that may or may not work.

Tell me what you think of this as a plan. Fly to Paris then catch a shuttle to Lyon. There are a couple of restaurants in Lyon that I am interested in checking out. In fact, my friend Gustav LeMont is a chef there and he has kindly offered his spare room to me for my two-day stay. The Canut et Les Gones is highly ranked but there’s a Japanese chef there and I am looking more for the traditional French cuisine. So it will be Le Jean-Moulin and Le Bouchon de Filles. From there it’s off to St-Chamond just outside Saint-Étienne and that’s as far as I’ve got so far. I’ll let you know the final places in my next blog. Au revoir!