4 Reasons to Make Cotton Bags Part of Festival Season

The United Kingdom plays host to a variety of music festivals each summer. If you’re attending one or two this year, you’ll probably be wondering what to pack. Here are just 4 reasons to bring along a cotton bag.

  1. They’re Strong

Cotton is so soft to the touch that people often forget how strong it can be. When cotton is woven into bags used for shopping, you’re left with a product that can handle extremely heavy loads without breaking.

Anybody that has previously attended a festival knows just how important such durability can be. You need to be able to transport anything from sleeping bags to tents to a few bottles of wine, so make sure you bring a bag that is up to the job.

  1. They’re Washable

Going to a concert and turning up back home a lot dirtier when you left is almost inevitable; in fact, it’s pretty much part of the fun. Unfortunately, that can be troublesome for anything you take with you.

Luckily, cotton bags can be washed through to return them to like-new condition. If you need something to handle all of your sweaty clothes or carry your muddy boots, you can use a cotton bag without worrying about getting it clean again.

  1. They’re Eco-Friendly

One of the downsides of concerts is that they tend to take their toll on the local environment. Thousands of people are camping within a relatively small space, so there’s usually a lot of litter left over once everyone heads home.

Unfortunately, a lot of this litter will consist of plastic bags. People use them once at the festival and then simply discard them. Cotton bags are reusable, so you won’t need to do the same. Customized cotton bags (like the ones Real Thread can fashion – https://www.realthread.com/bags/tote-bags) could be a great idea as it can even encourage people to make use of them because of the peppy, hip designs while being equally, if not more functional, than plastic bags.

  1. They’re Convenient

Perhaps most importantly of all, cotton bags are just incredibly convenient. You’ll be able to reap all the benefits above simply by folding one up and stuffing it into a side pocket of your backpack. Light and easily foldable, they make for very easy transporting.

Cotton bags offer so many advantages over single-use plastic bags that it’s hard to list them all. Even going to a festival presents a whole heap of ways to reuse yours and enjoy plenty of benefits while doing so.